Free Manufacturing Software Recommendation

There are still quite a lot of manufacturing companies which do not adopt the latest technology yet to digitalize their businesses. Some of them just update their hardware. On the other hand, software implementation will be very beneficial to increase and improve the efficiency of their businesses. Are you looking for free manufacturing software for small business? Here are some recommendations.

EQUIP Manufacturing Software
EQUIP manufacturing software allows manufacturing companies to run principles in the industry 4.0, especially by integrating the entire manufacturing operational aspects through a cloud-based system and giving one real-time information source. The manufacturing system which is one of the modules in this EQUIP manufacturing software includes the whole manufacturing cycle aspects, such as the creation of work order and manufacturing order, management of bill of materials, raw material routing, and so on. This in-house designed manufacturing system allows the manufacturing companies to make some work centers for one or several machines and employees. This software can also be integrated with several modules of EQUIP for other manufacturers, 

such as inventory management system to make it easy for the manufacturing companies to forecast and track supplies. EQUIP manufacturing software also allows the users to adjust features or add modules that they need. For example, supply chain management, human resource management, and many more.

Deskera MRP
Deksera MRP is designed to help manufacturing companies to optimize their manufacturing processes, from production planning and scheduling, quality control, until inventory management. This system allows the manufacturing companies to predict the needs of materials, ease checking machine manufacturing quality, 

automate the scheduling of engine maintenance and manufacturing equipment, allocate costs, and so on. Just like EQUIP manufacturing software, Deskera MRP also allows the manufacturing companies to set a work center for one or several similar machines. The price of this system depends on the users’ needs.

SAP offers easiness for manufacturing companies to integrate the system with Industrial Internet of Things hardware through several packages which consist of SAP Manufacturing Execution, SAP Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence, SAP Manufacturing Insights, and SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing Solutions. Each package of SAP Manufacturing has different features and functionalities, depends on the needs of the manufacturing companies.

Netsuite offers a complete cloud-based ERP system which is specifically designed for manufactures which consist of several important features such as CRM, product data management, procurement, order management, production control, planning and scheduling, and so on. This American ERP system offers solutions for various types of global manufacturing companies. For example, apparel manufacturers, foods manufacturers, electronic manufacturers, beauty product manufacturers, packed goods manufacturers, and many more.

No matter what free manufacturing software for small business you choose, you have to make sure that the software you choose is suitable for the budget and needs of your manufacturing business. Do you need software that can manage your inventory as well as your sales? Or do you need the one that can manage the activities on your shop floor? Those are the recommendations of free manufacturing software that you can choose from.

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