What is Manufacturing Execution Software?

Manufacturing industry is one of the most dynamic and competitive industries. The high level of competition in this industry requires the manufacturing companies to be able to be competitive in fulfilling the customers’ needs which are quickly changed and getting increased. In order to achieve that goal, the manufacturing companies should speed up a various process in their business and make everything more efficient. There is one solution that can help; using manufacturing execution system software.

The Definition of Manufacturing Execution System Software
Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) is an information system which controls, connects, and monitors complex manufacturing systems and data flows on the factory floor. The main goal of manufacturing execution software is to make sure effective executions of the manufacturing operations and improve the production output. Manufacturing execution system software is able to help in achieving that goal by tracking and collecting real-time data which is accurate about the complete product lifecycle. It begins with a product release until the stage of product delivery for finished goods. Manufacturing execution software gathers data about product genealogy, performance, traceability, work in progress, material management, and also other manufacturers’ activities when they happen.

This data will allow the decision makers of the manufacturers the current settings of the factory floor as well as optimize the process of production better. Manufacturing execution software is primarily used by production managers, shop floor supervisors, and employees who are involved in the process of production.

Production managers and shop floor supervisors use manufacturing execution software to implement production plans, monitor efficiency, detect potential problems, and also apply corrective actions. While the shop floor employees use this kind of useful software in order to follow their work schedules, allocate resources to the right and proper workstation for each stage of production, and alert the production managers and shop floor supervisors when there is something wrong. 

Manufacturing execution system software needs data from data acquisition systems and supervisory control which will be used to manage and control the equipment that is used in the production. It is important for the manufacturing companies to integrate this kind of system software with their ERP solutions in order to transfer essential information, such as production performance, material consumption, and many more. For a big and complex manufacturing process, it is essential to integrate manufacturing execution software with solutions, such as supply chain management.

Why is Manufacturing Execution Software Important?
This kind of software takes a role as a functional layer between the ERP and process control systems on the factory floor. It gives the manufacturers real-time workflow flexibility and invisibility in order to improve the entire manufacturing operations.

The Benefits of Using Manufacturing Execution Software
The benefits of using manufacturing execution system software include; increasing customers’ satisfaction, reducing manufacturing cycle time, improving supply chain visibility, lowering labor costs, reducing order lead time, increasing machine utilization, improving regulatory compliance, and many more. Those are complete information about manufacturing execution software. Are you interested to use this software for your manufacturing business?

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